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Flour Substitution Chart

I found this neat little store called Wanigan in Brampton, and in that store I found this flour substitution chart. Actually, I did not exactly find Wanigan  in Brampton, I found it on the internet first, then I went to Brampton, to check it out. They carry organic and locally grown fruits and vegetables, as well as organic flours, spices, dried fruits, some dairy, and a few other items. They also do food box delivery in the GTA, but I am digressing here… I wanted to share this chart with you. It does not really allow much choice for entirely replacing wheat flour, but the combinations it presents are certainly better than just using wheat flour on its own, and I was glad to see that you can completely replace wheat flour with quinoa flour. (I found out recently, that Bence, my four year old, is allergic to wheat and dairy.) So I am going to experiment with this chart, and wherever it says wheat flour, I’ll just use quinoa flour. For example I could use 1/4 cup almond flour and 3/4 cups quinoa flour to substitute for 1 cup wheat flour. I’ll let you know how it goes. Meanwhile here is the chart for you to do your own experiments with:

Flour Substitution Chart

Substitute 1 cup wheat flour with
Spelt flour 1 cup spelt flour
Almond flour/meal* ¼ cup almond flour + ¾ cup wheat flour
Buckwheat flour ½ cup buckwheat flour + ½ cup wheat flour
Kamut flour* 1 cup kamut flour
Millet flour* Cookies, flatbreads, pancakes: ½ cup millet flour + ½ cup wheat flour

Biscuits and yeast breads: ¼ cup millet flour + ¾ cup wheat flour

Oat flour Quick breads, cookies, pancakes: ½ cup oat flour + ½ cup wheat flour

Biscuits and yeast breads: ¼ cup oat flour + ¾ cup wheat flour

Quinoa flour* Non-yeast recipes: 1 cup quinoa flour

Yeast breads: ½ cup quinoa flour + ½ cup wheat flour

Brown rice flour ¼ cup brown rice flour + ¾ cup wheat flour
Coconut flour ¼ cup coconut flour + ¾ cup wheat flour

100% coconut flour: add approximately 6 eggs for every ½ cup coconut flour you use in your recipe, and increase liquids (because the fiber greatly absorbs liquids)

* if you cannot find flour grind whole grain in a high speed blender or flour mill

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